Dissolution occurs when the parties resolve all outstanding issues before filing a single paper with the court.  This process is usually faster, less expensive and more amicable than a divorce.

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Divorce Without Children

A divorce without children may seem like a simpler process because custody is not an issue.  This is true to some extent but divorces without children can be fairly complex.

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Divorce With Children

Divorces with children often take on an added dimension.  Unfortunately, when children are involved in court proceedings litigation can be contentious. Litigants often do things they wouldn’t normally do.

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Giulitto Law Office is a full service law firm located in Ravenna, Ohio and serving the people of Portage County for over 50 years. Located downtown across from the courthouse our attorneys frequently handle cases in the Portage County Court of Common Pleas, Kent Municipal Court, Ravenna Municipal Court, Portage County Probate Court and Portage County Juvenile Court. Our lawyers also have experience in practicing in Summit County, Stark County and Medina County.

With over 50 of experience, the attorneys at the Giulitto Law Office, LLC provide quality lawyers and legal counsel in Portage County, Ohio.

Please take a look at the specific practice area to learn more about any specific case. As you will, these matters are typically complex. A qualified, experience lawyer is invaluable in helping you in any legal matter.

Our office takes pride in helping out clients in the toughest of times. Our firm takes pride in our law firm’s tradition of trust. You can rely on our firm to protect your legal interests in any case you are facing.

Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with one of our portage county lawyers. We look forward to meeting you and helping meet your needs regarding your legal matter.

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